Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Darley Mist - 2015
2015 has been an interesting year.

First off plans formulated 2014 finally came to fruition.
Phil from Steel Marine manufactured and fitted the "radar arch" to which has been fitted two 120watt solar panels charging the house batteries through a MPPT controller. A disconnect switch is situated to the right of the GPS mounted at the navigation station.
The other item that needed renewing over the winter was the cooker. The old cooker was no longer working properly and had a gas leak from the oven. A new cooker was purchased from Germany and shipped out to be fitted in May. Due to a lack of the correct fittings it was not actually fitted until July. It is however a great improvement.

There were though a number of unscheduled works required during the season.

When I was out on Darley Mist in May it was apparent that the bottom rudder bearing was on the point of seizing and made the steering extremely stiff. A replacement rudder bearing was purchased and this was fitted by IBA in early June. The transformation was remarkable.

Barry also did not have a smooth run.
At the start of his time one of the batteries failed and the other was found to be on its last legs, so they were replaced.
Then later the windlass stopped working. An engineer in Poros managed a repair and on return to Nidri, IBA diagnosed a fault with the windlass relay. This too was replaced.

[EDIT] Lyn has just reminded me that their excitement was to arrange for the replacement of the holding tank macerator. Thanks for organising that one. Not a job that I am going to rush to repeat.

Two other items have come to light during the season.

The fridge continues to be extremely temperamental and by the end of the season was not working at all.

My "wonderful DIY heavy" passarelle is at the end of its useful life.

But all in all "I think that we all had a good time?"


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